The Lost Moments!

I love to capture silence – the enigma of the unheard and unspoken moment. More than joy, sorrow, anger, celebrations and protests. The first photograph I clicked using my camera was of a cross-road when the signal turned red. Like a toddler, I would play with my new found love of lenses and would click every random article I found.

Like every amateur photographer I started carrying the camera wherever I went. I am not very good with clicking pictures of human beings (Yep, too bad to admit. But what am I going to do about it? Nothing!), however, nature intrigued me more than anything without me knowing about the subconscious choices of my subjects I would make.

The first three pictures are the ones I want to show are the ones I want to take with me to my grave. The reason being, these pictures depict everything in life I have ever wanted and am in pursuit of.

LOVE : The first picture I wanted to feature was of this lonely beach. My family got really lucky with the entire beach just for themselves. We boarded the beach-house a night earlier and the next day morning I woke up to this beauty. The significance this picture carries for me is about love. The wave represents the strength of love, the cajoling movement carrying the motion emerging from the depth of the sea. Its sound soothes a person as much as the sound of silence. The delusive meeting of the sea with the sky represents the fantasy of love each one of us only wishes to live.

Oh wave, I wish I could take you home with me,

To dance with you and to play with you,

To set my self free in love as much as you do.


LIFE : The second picture is taken from a vicinity close to my house. A five minute walk away. It is a small farm where the owner grows sugarcane and corn in two sections of the farm. I walk to this beautiful scene every day at 5.00 – 5.30 a.m. The first time I actually saw this beautiful creation of nature, I envisioned myself standing in an amazing art gallery. The reason it signifies LIFE to me is because it is the light of the sun that outshines the dark and highlights the beauty of scars the earth has bore to gift the human with the flora and fauna.

In life, in a similar fashion you need to find that light which has always been within you, allow it to rise to a height, that all your scars of the suffering and hard times get as much glory as the light you carry. To bring that ray of hope into the world, one goes through exhausting trials and tribulations. This sunrise would have been a faded sky of light without these stunning trees, the lush green meadow, and the tall coconut tree at the end of the farm. They all form this beautiful picture, each incomplete without the other. Just like the different phases of life!


DEATH : The third picture is my favorite. ‘The picture of death’. Yes, that is what I like to call it. The final moment of moving on without the fear of future, regrets about the past and knowledge of the present. As calm as the absence of existence. When I put my feet in this little puddle of water, along with the heat leaves an energized part of me. I release myself to the universe to paint me clean.

This picture was taken at my grandfather’s village Sakurde, near Jejuri. The village has always been close to my heart. I vent out to this atmosphere for it to take in my sorrow, anger and anguish. I had this philosophy few years ago – when you become vulnerable to a person, you lose control over a part of you to that person. However when you confide to the enduring nature, you remain the master of your life in all aspects. Every time I go there, vent myself out, I come back with a new me. Charged to take on the next curve-ball life throws at me. A part of me dies in that place and in that moment. The slate becomes clean and I stand as the woman I want to be.

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