Apple Inc. – I

The fact that Apple Inc. is a totally one hundred per cent product-based company took me by the grip while I was listening to a lecture by Professor Pete Fader from the Wharton series. The reason was obvious for my surprise as a common person who has been in awe of the technology and products developed at Apple. The features that have lured people from diverse demo-graphical, social and economic backgrounds for decades now has created an illusion in the minds of the vast population of it being a customer-focused organization which it is not.

Apple Inc. is the brain-child of the person who was driven by his own mind, gut and heart –  Steve Jobs. Jobs never cared what the customer wanted in the first place. While the rest of the tech giants then looked for customer feedback or customer specifications to be added to their next version of the product, Jobs blew his own trumpet and correctly so. The starting point of any project he undertook was WHAT HE ENVISIONED THE NEXT BEAUTIFUL THING THAT COULD BE CREATED. He would then market the furnished child of his imagination to the world astounding them with its features which they hardly imagined could have been materialized. Jobs engulfed the market place with not just the extraordinary products he created with his team but his sheer business and emotional intelligence played a pivotal role too.

Apple Inc (Apple Computer Company then) engineered by Steve Wozniak and put on the map of the Silicon Valley by Steve Jobs was nothing less than a start of the passionate long-lasting affair for Jobs. Apple stood on these two pillars – Wozniak’s top-notch engineering skills and Jobs perseverance and intuitive and stubborn approach towards decision making. While Wozniak was the talent behind Apple I, Jobs was the driving force that directed and demanded from Wozniak the best he could get done.

Apple I – a base kit consisting primarily of a motherboard hand-built by Wozniak was presented to the HomeBrew Computer Club, CA and then sold by Jobs in the market. It was during this deal that the buyer planted the seed of delivering a furnished product in Jobs’ mind and thus began the journey of an incredible product that would propel the lives of the founders of Apple into an unimaginable whirlwind of fame and success.

Jobs and Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer Company in 1976 with Ronald Wayne – a technical draftsman who voluntarily revoked his partnership on the grounds of being incapable of handling the tiger who was held by its tail. Foreseeing the tremendous success Apple would achieve, he was also apprehensive about Jobs’s inexplicable energy and Wozniak’s calm going hand in hand for a long. And as the world knows, the future held nothing different for both Jobs and Wozniak than Wayne’s doubts turning into reality. Apple III would be the last product where their visions stayed aligned.

While Jobs proved to be one of the most successful business-genius of all times of the software industry, very few understand the reasons why he panned out as the brilliant business-man that he was with his “inorganic” approach towards product development as opposed to the rest of the companies working on similar projects with a defined cluster of corporate vision and standards.

In the coming chapter, I would like to discuss about how Apple Computer Company got launched into a business Wozniak never thought it would as a founder, the intention behind launching Apple III and the why Apple’s Lisa – the first Personal Computer and Jobs’s master project was a huge failure that it was