Salsa !

I had started learning salsa dance-form two years back somewhere in June. My friend from work started giving salsa lessons to me in a green room at our workplace itself. Insanity is what we were experiencing. I was getting conscious even when no one was in the room. (Yep, that’s me!) The lessons went on for a week as I was about to leave for a bridal shower where I completely messed up the whole dance as I did not know we were supposed to dance with random partners. I thought I could dance alone.

Cut to a day before yesterday, me and my friends are on our way to another wedding we are preparing for and we planned to repeat the age-old mistake of doing salsa. Since I needed a thorough brush-up for a couple-salsa dance I decided to find myself a tutor and I found one. Now the thing is you need to bring another person as your dance partner which I didn’t. I told the lady about it and she offered me two choices to walk out the door and find someone or she had some guy who was looking for a dance partner to learn salsa with.

I agreed. Well what choice did I have. She said I could come the next day and then we could start with the lessons. It was May 1, Labour day and a national holiday.

I reached her place around 3 pm and waited for my dance-partner to come. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I heard squeaky new shoes enter the room. My trainer entered along with a really tall guy. “And this is Aneesh!”, she said.

I gasped. “Did you drink Complan or what ?”, a lame reply to start with. He smiled.

We put down everything else aside. Asked each other general questions. I excused myself for few moments and returned to Elvis Presley’s Bossa Nova Baby ringng in the room and Aneesh trying to dance along with it. I was really glad because I wanted to perform on the same song and seemed like my new friend liked it too.

While I was worried about how I would manage to do salsa with a six ft tall guy, on seeing I am literally burst laughing loudly. The fact that he was so tall and not a little bit of fat on his body,  he looked extremely funny while doing salsa, all by himself. The energy and all was awesome but I just couldn’t control myself as I saw these extremely long hands and legs trying to figure out where they need to go for the next dance-step.

He stopped the music and asked me what happened.

“Nothing, You are just super-tall.”

“Oh yeah yeah. I get it now. I must be looking really weird dancing. Plus I have not done this in a really long time now.”

Our instructor walked in. “So let’s start. Please stand next to each other. We are going to start from basics. I am sure you know how this goes but I am going to do my job well.”

Yes, yes, of course. No dance teacher will ever say to your face that you are a donkey for not being able to do a simple step. They will always take an onus of teaching you even the simple task such as walking a step back and a step forth.

“Follow me!”, she said. Her sweet voice had suddenly become thick and strong.

“One, two, three!”, she counted as she took the sideways steps

We did them few times.

“Now, faster. Didn’t you both have lunch?”, such a stereotype, I felt.

We started moving faster and I am not sure why but I looked at my dance partner. I literally felt like dancing along with a lamp post. A small difference, A MOVING LAMP POST. I then looked at my instructor who was hiding her laughter by holding her teeth tight against each other and I cracked up, this time even louder.

He continued, probably, expecting that I would stop laughing and join in again.

I did not. I just could not. With every step he took, it only made me roar with laughter every time I saw him do a move.

The instructor stopped the music. Looked at me slightly with anger and then asked me to pull myself together until she comes back from her kitchen downstairs.

I looked at him and got myself into another fit of laughter.

“You are crazy, aren’t you?”, he asked. He was really pissed now.

“I am extremely sorry. But you are just really tall. I mean we are not going to be able to learn this together.”, I tried controlling my laughter by speaking less and conveying more of the message.

“And now I do know you are. See you tomorrow, can’t do it today with you laughing in my face.”

For a moment I thought, he is going to be really mad. I mean who would dance with a stranger who keeps laughing at your physique and be so good even after multiple outbursts. My laughter ride stopped right there.

We met the next day and realized our instructor was unwell. Until evening, I just kept smiling replaying the scene where he would move across the hall with his some smooth and some awkward moves and I had bouts of mini-laughter with myself at work. People must have thought I was crazy.

I went back to the class today and waited until he came. And then as we entered the class, we came to know that our instructor was not available today due to some emergency contract she got.

We burst into laughter.

“This is never going to happen, is it ?”, I asked.

“Well, it doesn’t look like.”

“See you tomorrow then. Bye.”, I was still replaying the same thing in my mind and was about to burst out again. I controlled myself and walked as fast as I could towards the way out.

Poor thing. But seriously, I am still not sure why my trainer would put us together for this. It is a almost a difference of a foot and more, and moreover, it is really like watching a pole moving across the room, but with some grace.

As of now, he must be thinking I am really crazy. But who cares, it is a matter of another two weeks. Until then I need to keep my batteesi zipped up.

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