You know when you know! – Conclusion

“Because?”, I could not help but wonder how insane he must think I am. I cannot reason my own thoughts or opinions. Anyway, who cares. I am not seeing him again  – I thought.

“Okay, you tell me.”, now I questioned him

“Nothing!”, he said

I hate when people do that. I am not going to accept a ‘Nothing’ for a question that might irk me every once a while later on. I rolled my eyes in a stupid fashion like I always do to indicate my dismay. Well I am not a hypocrite, but I really did not know the answer to his first question.

“I mean, you just know. It is not just about a person, but it could be your job, some hobby or some mundane routine thing. When  you are doing it or being with someone you are in love, with you just know. You feel happy about it. No matter how stressful your job is, how boring the activity is or how crazy the person you are dating is, YOU JUST KNOW.”, he said.

“What are you, a writer ?”, I asked. Obviously, with so much of philosophy and wisdom this guy was dropping, I was bound to think that.

“Oh no. I am just a normal person in love.”

“Oh my God, here comes the mush. Crazy guy.”, I was done with people being mushy and over the top about love.

“What? It is normal. But you clearly are not normal.”, he pointed at my glass still completely filled with tea which was now slightly better than at lukewarm temperature.

“I like my tea slightly warm. I don’t like hot liquid burning down my throat and intestine.”, I finally took a sip. Aah! What a moment. I gazed at the beautiful lights before me.

“So what does your girl do ?”, I asked.

“She is a software engineer.”, he said. “And I hate IT.”, he smiled as he gazed at the stars. A happy one.

“Oh boy!”, I said.

“No, no. It is all really good. We just don’t chat about our work when we are together. Although her work is a bigger mess than mine. She is in the service department, even worse. But I understand, she is hardworking. She loves spending time coding stuff. I don’t even know how it works.”

“So you came here to meet her… and now you are going back home, to Pune?”, I was desperately trying to save myself from having to hear all the mushy things he would later on say about.

“Oh no. I came down from Rajasthan.”, he smiled as he watched my mouth wide open.

“You are crazy. How long have you been with this person?”

“Two months. But it is a weird strong connection.”

“So you know her for two months and you came all the way from Rajasthan to Bangalore to meet her?”


“How do you know this is going to work in the long run?”

“You just know. You know when you know.”, he smiled.

The harsh whistle sound from the bus reckoned us. I was amazed with this crazy guy. We did not chat much. But the thought has been lingering in my mind since then.


‘You know when you know.’

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