Ashton Kutcher : The Man Beyond Glamour!

Apart from obvious reasons for following Mr Kutcher such as his tall suave physique, an undeniably smart look and gleeful eyes, I follow him on almost all social platforms for reasons that are appealing to both my mind and heart. As naive and ignorant as the Michael Kelso (That 70’s show), as beautiful and hardworking as Oliver (A Lot Like Love), as carefree as Adam (No Strings Attached) and as technology-driven as Steve Jobs (Jobs), he has proved himself otherwise as well in the worldly affairs. It is his combined range of work on-screen and off-screen that captivates the attention of all categories of audience.

Mr Kutcher is not just an actor but also a tech-investor, a fact that almost every individual using social media knows. What is inspiring about his choice of companies or technologies that he invests in is his business and social acumen. While A-Grade’s investments in Spotify, Uber, Couple, and Airbnb is noteworthy, Mr Kutcher’s vision behind identifying the ventures which ease the lives of consumers by saving time or energy is notable.

Speaking of the actor’s social activity, a startling case one could read is the foundation of DNA. Mr Kutcher founded DNA with his then wife Demi Moore. DNA works towards not only creating awareness about human sex trafficking but also towards ending it. The kind of technologically advanced set-up this NGO has, it is evident that the founders are not just emotionally and socially intelligent but also use their awareness about technology by using the geo-tracking system to hunt down child trafficking with the support from the UN.

Mr Kutcher’s opening statement to the Senate of Foreign Committee Relations about ending the human trafficking through his NGO Thorn (previously known as DNA) was not only a consolidated presentation of facts and figures and work that his organization does but also a passionate plea to its audience to understand the significance of the child abuse across the country – physically and through internet.

Ashton is what I shall call him in this paraphrase – has been able to intertwine all his best qualities to not only make sure that his investments are in good hands but also that those hands are adding value to the society. Every time Ashton shares a personal experience with his audience, there is not just laughter that erupts in the room but he drops wisdom every once a while. And this wisdom is not other-worldly to be difficult to understand but simple things in life like keeping your people happy. Ashton is as simple a human being as each one of us however with an aware mind and a good intent to help the world with it.

I would suggest every individual who reads this post to if not follow then learn about Mr Kutcher’s work. Behind the glamorous and beautiful person is a compassionate and woke human being working for the betterment of society

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