Beautiful !

Being an all-time chirpy customer relationship manager would sometimes take a toll on Sam’s mental peace. She would come home irked and once in a while mad at the world. In the evening, with a cup of tea Sam would devote 15-20 minutes thinking of the future she did not know how she could get. Today was no different. She looked out the window – at the mango tree which was yielding just yet. She would compare herself to these trees, which were slaves of the weather and season to bear fruits of their own.

Today she had no thoughts in her mind. Not a single vibration that would disturb the abyss she was plunging herself into. It is a scary place to be. Yet, she would often retreat to it. The entertainer within her was chained to the hollow. Was she depressed ? May be ! Was she unhappy ? May be! Was she fed up of life ? May be !

No one really knew.

And why would someone? No body really thinks of her as a woman who took life seriously. She had projected an image of being the free-bird while the rest of world was a herd to different masters at different times. She was what people desired to be when they met her. Opinionated and yet sweet. Honest and yet tactful. Blunt and polite. All at the same time.

Her curls cover her face every time she lets the hair down. She is no different. She brings in her walls every time she lets down her guard to someone. She had a small face with four dimples spread across her cheeks and near the smile line. Every time she would run to her abyss, her beautiful deep brown eyes would shine with heavy moisture. She would be bitter, and of whom, she has yet not figured out. Her features were quite amusing. Tiny. And yet her face well-sculpted. Every emotion would prevail on each one of them.

Her smirk is even funnier. She has never been able to smirk at anyone. It is a feeling she has never felt within and hence never understood how to portray it. Her giggles, the best. Her dimples unmanageable. She hates that. She says her face is unidentifiable when she gives an honest smile. And when you see most of her pictures, you will see a reserved, stern look. And on the worst days, she has an awkward smile. As if someone asked her to smile for ransom.

She is unusually expressive – through words, expressions and actions. Sam is a friend you could die for and kill for. She is a fast paced woman with very little time for arguments that do not lead her anywhere. And that is what make her different from rest of the clan.

She has a red dot on her chin. Her friend, Milee, calls it a beauty spot. Sam finds it really odd on her dusky skin. It isn’t really prominently visible. And trust me, you, she is absolutely right. Sam has been honest and blunt with not only herself but her friends too. And probably that is why, she has only very good friends. She is least bothered to take on the pressures of the rest of the world.

Sam’s abyss is a really mystery to the universe itself. She does not fit into any mould of a lady and yet there is no woman as graceful as Sam. Sam never let anyone in to her mind. She was a mystery to some in the world, the reason for envy for few others but for some she was the apple of their eye – her parents, her sister, and her boyfriend.

Sam – who would be bidding goodbye to the universe in few months due to pancreatic cancer, was the most beautiful women any of her acquaintances ever encountered.

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