How She Killed Jonathon’s Son – Part 2

She had been bitter about his profession since his death. She blamed his profession for taking away her childhood sweetheart, her best friend, her lover, her husband and the father of her Sharon. Jonathon died in a car accident while he was driving to his next show in Chicago. He had been super excited about this show and one could see it in his driving. He had received the Emmy’s on the 12th of the February, blessed with a baby boy on the 13th and got his first movie offer on the Valentine’s day.

He was on top of the world! He couldn’t contain his excitement when Shelly called him up to tell him that Sharon was laughing at the first scene of Jon’s TV show – Ricky. the Gentleman. It was indeed a funny scene where Ricky was proposing his girlfriend wearing a blazer on the upper half of his body and boxers on the lower half. Shelly asked Jon to be back home and start the show later the next day. But for Jonathon, serving entertainment was the purpose of his life, his calling and his energy boost.

While humming his happiness and driving crazily fast, Jonathon did not see the petroleum carrier taking a sharp turn towards him. In an unprecedented turns and twists of the vehicles, both the drivers lost control and their lives too.

With Sharon’s growing interest in Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Shelly sensed the same level of excitement that Jonathon had. She would shut down the television or radio. She also threw away the small guitar that Jonathon had gifted his son on his first birthday hoping that he would play it soon enough.

Sharon was upset since then. Sharon would then pass his time by playing with the building blocks or fitting in the puzzle pictures to complete it. Sharon would often visit a toy-store nearby. He saw that the shopkeeper would give the toys to kids in exchange of some cash. Sharon saw similar paper on the dining table. He picked them up and walked to the toy-store. Mr Smith, the shopkeeper, kept the extra 5 dollars for himself and sent a happy Sharon with a tiny electonic guitar.

Shelly came home to a quiet hall. Shelly had brought Sharon’s favourite muffin for him. Shelly couldn’t find him in the bedroom either. She came back to the hall only to find the brand new blue guitar Sharon had just left on the couch. Shelly lost her cool. All the images of Jonathon and his obsession with art and music and his wild death ran through her mind. She was sweating by now, cursing her fate for Sharon having the same likes of art as his father.

“Why on the earth would he be so obsessed with it, oh God? Do you not want my child also to stay with me?”

She picked up the guitar and started banging it against the table. Sharon was walking in through the door and as he saw Shelly all teared up and broken down. He ran towards her.


Sharon’s didn’t even get a chance to scream and laid down with his bleeding head only to breathe his last.

Shelly lost everything she had, yet again !

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