A Date – The Conclusion!

Sanika screamed, “Oh my God! Is it the book ‘The Seat Of The Soul’? I can’t believe I am finally getting it!”

“No, no! It is not that !”, Tanay was now trying to break open his briefcase. He didn’t want to goof up due to the suitcase on his big night! After all, he was going to ask her the most important question of her life, and find an answer to his big question as well.

“You know what?! I am just going to come back in few minutes. You are allowed that time to break the briefcase until then”, Sanika chuckled and got up. She looked even prettier as she walked across the hall in her black dress. Tanay kept looking at her floating between the tables while forgetting that he was supposed to crack open the briefcase.

“May I help you, beta?”, an old man placed his hand on Tanay’s shoulder.”Let me try. Let’s see if the old hands still have some magic left in them”, he grinned while examining the briefcase.

“Nervous, huh?!”, the old man asked, now playing around with the numeric lock on the briefcase

“No, uncle! It is not what you think.”, Tanay inadvertently blushed

“Oh come on! I am not a fool.”, he winked at Tanay.

Tanay smiled back awkwardly.

Click! Click! Tanay’s suitcase opened up.

“My young friend. You are so nervous that pyou forgot to fix the left numeric lock “, the old man laughed. “Anyway, all the best!”

“Thank you, uncle”. Tanay was now all set to ask the BIG QUESTION

Sanika was back. She pulled out the chair and plucked a green apple flavored gummy bear. “The briefcase opened?! So where is that THING you were so eager to give me?”

“Yes….. yes, it is”, Tanay fumbled


“So I was thinking it has been three years since you have started investing in my start-up, one year since we started the NGO. So would you like to …”

” I am definitely not investing in that crappy bike race thing, come what may. I am not going to be a part of it.”

“No.No. Umm…. okay.Here’s the deal. Would you like to invest in me?”

“What are we talking about here?”

“I mean…. would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Okay … one sec. When you said a date, I thought you were joking. I… mean…”, Sanika’s pace grew slower

Tanay’s heart beat faster. He was unable to even mumble. Sanika swallowed the gummy bear with half glass of water.

Awkward Silence.

Tanay was ready for the worst. Sanika fidgeted with the glass holder now.

After a long pause, Sanika broke the silence.”Are you serious?”

Tanay,”Of course! I am”

“But isn’t this too early? I mean this is our first date apparently”, she tried to lighten the mood, making sure he isn’t stressed.

“I don’t want to delay it any more”, Tanay hurried his response.

“You are going to end up with a cloud”

“A cloud I would love to float with.”

“I am a mess”

“And I love to clean, don’t I?”

“You are sane and I am insane”

“Isn’t that perfect?”

“I don’t know”

“And would you like to know?”

Sanika stayed silent for a few moments, plucked another gummy bear and smiled!


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