A Date!

Slightly quirky ambience.

A basket of gummy bears on each table with two wine glasses placed on the holder.

Tanay had invited Sanika to one of the most unpredictable places for their first date. But for her, it was perfect.

Sanika and Tanay had been best friends for about four years now. Non-judgemental rebels who reveled in each others company soon started working together for child mental healthcare. Sanika, a born writer, a chemical engineering graduate and a hidden actor, was in bliss to find the perfect partner! Tanay, a soft-spoken but strong character in his field of financial investments, was fascinated by Sanika’s passion for psychological well-being of children. At the core, both valued the gift of childhood since they were scarred in theirs!

“So, what do we order first, wine?”, Tanay spoke softly, just like he always did.

“Gummy bears are about to get over”, complained the childish side of Sanika

Tanay loved how vulnerable as a human being Sanika was! This vulnerability to emotions is what captivated Tanay’s attention at the Volunteer’s Meet at the NGO.

Watching Tanay manage the finances of a group of a hundred people distributed all over the city with a peaceful mind and with an ease she could never do the same for a single individual intrigued her.

Sanika was looking for the waiter to get some more gummy bears to dip in the coke she would soon order. She felt Tanay fidgeting with his briefcase.

Sanika was puzzled, “Did the lock break again?”

“No, I brought something for you. This thing has just got stuck”

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