Watching You!!

I adore and abhore nothing more than the social media accounts. Keep no doubts in me not being a celebrity or an accomplished magnate of some kind, I am still pissed off with the interventions made by people into my life through my Facebook or Instagram accounts and similar situations faced by you, my fellows.

Apparently, people who know you pretty well and not related to you by blood in anyway choose to take a complete control over your life by investigating into your personal space as if they are entitled and obliged to do so. It is an irony that with the connectivity on virtual platforms, the same people who you meet in person do feel the need to stalk your crush, family and probably check your history ( or geography) over the past years you lived or wasted.

While Abhishek-Aishwarya, Katrina and Kareena keep bickering about the nuisance media causes, trust me all, every moment you are happily enjoying single or married life, people are watching you. This could be your aunt you met 2 days back or a friend of yours who you just told you like someone – they all want a backlog of where it started, how it started and who the hell your crush is. Well, coming to the display fronts, they are apparently within the limits but you can find your gut screaming they are already way beyong OFF THE LIMITS!!

So I was just visiting my friend the other day and she had told some of her friends at work that she was in love with some guy. All immediately got to work wanting to investigate the whereabouts of this guy (It is a social media pact you sign, you know, just in case you do noy belong to the clan, you should know!). A friend who had not been following her INSTAGRAM account for more than a year started following her and with all the sweat and blood managed to find out who the man of my friend’s dreams is. Had my friend not concealed her Facebook friends-list, her friend wouldn’t have had to follow on some other account.

But that’s the fun part, how someone’s life could become a soap opera or a tiny movie once you bombard your NEAR and DEAR ONES with a hint of your big news! Watching over you and your past, present and future is such an ultimate goal for these media-hoggers that they would go to any extent sparing their precious time and energy to stalk you and check on your where-abouts navigating through thousands and millions of posts and images stacked on to this privately public internet.

Gonna grab a coffee, but watch out if someone is watching you ??

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