How She Killed Jonathon’s Son – Part I

Unlike many parents, Shelly knew what she was doing with her son, she understood the impact of it on her family and she dared to acknowledge it. She was choking her son to an extent that he had stopped breathing emotions. Sharon’s calling was made to pass away.

Sharon’s body was one caging a tornado. His spirit longed to revert to its calling. He was one of the few kids who had understood what they wanted to do earlier on in life. He understood his strengths at an age where he was not sure about his weaknesses. With the most beautiful eyes, Sharon kept looking at the posters of the artists he had put up in his room.

At his age of four, Shelly would be more than happy to flaunt her son’s mimicry skills.

She found it funny and the audience at home found it unbelievably entertaining and smart of a kid of that age. It continued and progressed in Sharon’s life. Sharon would mimic cats and dogs to Jennifer Aniston and Amitabh Bachchan. However, the guest shows at home gradually reduced and Sharon fell short of the audience. At school, he would entertain his joyous and depressed friends with equal wit and smart observations. Sharon was more of an asset to the art world, not to be exaggerating, but yes he could have been.

At his seventh birthday, all of Sharon’s friends were invited. The theme of the party was Superheros. Tim came dressed as Batman, Johnny as Spiderman, Sarah, Farah and Julia came dressed as the Powerpuff girls. The only odd person out at the birthday was the birthday-boy himself. Sharon had dressed up like Leonardo Di Caprio. Every other person at the party made subtle remarks of how the host of her party did not understand what her child should wear when she was the one who decided the theme.

Shelly had the Superman dress lying in her closet along with the return gifts. She was furious at Sharon for doing it to her. One of Shelly’s friends went on to talk to Sharon about it.

“Darling, why are you dressed like an actor when you can see that the theme of the party is Superheros? You should have become one of those mans that your friends are wearing.”

“Aunt Sarah, I am a superhero. Don’t you see, I am Leo, Leonardo Di Caprio? Don’t you think he is a superhero?”

“What do you think makes him a superhero?”, Sarah asked, picking two more fritters from the serving bowl.

“He can make you feel what he feels. He can make you cry and laugh. He can make you feel sour, bitter and sweet.”

Overhearing this conversation Shelly knew, Sharon was no ordinary child dreaming stories other children aged seven would normally do. She didn’t understand what to do. Here she was engaging her child in all the activities that could make her child intelligent, sharp and smart enough to get a high-paying job and here he was turning her world upside down. His conversations were not that should belong to a child studying in grade 3.

However, she then ignored it as she thought it was only overthinking that made her go neurotic about his future and he was just seven. Kids at seven don’t understand anything really that well, do they? She walked back to the table where Sharon was waiting for her to cut the cake.

Shelly’s husband had passed away in a car accident. Jonathon was a soap opera artist, born in California and brought up in New York. He was the most popular face on the television set in almost every house. She lost him in a car accident. He was crazy about his work. Every time he had to play a part, he would be researching all night. He would try to re-build his physique in order to make it believable for the audience that it wasn’t Jonathon but the character he played. He was an epitome of a hard-working artist with amazing looks. She fell in love with him when she saw his Ricky – The Gentleman on TV.

She had been bitter about his profession since his death.

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