The Morphing Feelings and The Mall

I sometimes find feelings like the articles displayed in a mall while people keep walking in and out of it.

Some get entertained for few minutes, some for an hour and some stay there for a day. Feelings are like that. They do not occupy a constant place in our minds and hearts. 

We do not always hate someone, the hatred comes after some incident that might have struck an animosity between two people. It stays within a person depending on his mindset – sometimes it takes few days, sometimes few months and sometimes a year or more for the feeling to die or sublime I would say. 

Love is not much different. Love morphs. Just like hate, love either evolves or perishes over time. Even if the relationship stays intact, love changes its course. For instance, a couple falling in love would exhibit a different dimension of attraction than a couple who has been together with their kids for ten years. 

Just like a road-trip we take, our feelings are similarly on a journey. It is the right destination and departure time that decides the fate of this journey. Just like a mall cannot entertain us life-long so do we not remain entertained by our feelings for a longer period of time. 

We either lose the charm of these feelings, sometimes dust remains collected over it due to negligence and sometimes it loses its value due to poor maintenance. Isn’t this just like visiting a mall, wanting to buy that red dress and then realizing it may not be worth your money. And then suddenly, you decide to not buy the dress you longed to wear. Or you still get your credit card out and go for it only to later wear for only one party in your entire life. 

These morphing feelings later become stories – all for the display, defining every individual’s unique life.



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