Kids these days…

Kids these days….

Isn’t this one of the most popular phrases? Even the college-going youngsters use it for their nieces and nephews!

Kids these days, I feel and believe. are smarter than we were. Generation gap could be less than two years, nowadays. The world is growing so fast. New technologies and innovations have galvanized this unprecedented growth. I am sure, at the age of two many of my friends would have been trying to perfect their ‘Johnny Johnny…Yes Papa’ or ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’. But kids these days are busy learning about smartphone upgrades, NASA and its new projects, money matters and much more. While I am grateful that I am a part of the millennial tribe and able to witness the rapid changes in technologies and the way families function too, it is so unbelievable that such tiny human beings want to dive deep in knowledge.kids1

While cloud technology has taken over the commercial aspects of human life, smartphones have completely changed the picture at dinner tables and living rooms.

Well, coming to a kid from my locality

One fine day, I was not able to locate the IMEI number of my phone. All worried, I had come to a breaking point (where I prefer to throw my phone far away). I am no tech-savvy person. I called one of my friends to help ,me and he declared he has given up on my ignorance. I was crushed ( a little exaggeration harms no one!).

My neighbour’s four year old son walked in through the door. Picking up the chocolates from my desk, he asked “Kaay jhaala Didi?”

Now I thought, what do I tell him. Will he even understand? Still out of courtesy I answered. ” Not able to find the IMEI number, it is supposed to be somewhere in the Settings”

He took the phone from my hand, just swiped his fingers up and down across my phone and handed it back to me. And there it was, the IMEI number. For a moment, I felt like calling him my Superman

While I would be busy playing the snakes’ game on my parents’ phones in my teenage, my nieces and nephews and many other kids nowadays, can smoothly navigate to internal storage and all.

The other day, a kid during my visit to an orphanage took my phone and was using Google to search something. Doubting his intentions, I asked politely, “Beta kya kar rahe ho?”. “I am searching about the Indian Navy. I have heard people have to give some exams to qualify for the Indian Navy”. The term like ‘qualify’ coming out of the mouth of a 10 year old hit me hard. I was not able to choose a chocolate in the shop when I was 12.

It amazes me how these not only know how to use the smartphones but some of the kids I have met also know why and when to use it.

They are well managed now than what we were as kids. They understand the value of time, understand the purpose of the activities they do and the impact of every action they take – on themselves and their surroundings.

Kids these days, have a better vision for themselves. Some have a better vision for the society they live in. They learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses and likes and dislikes very early. This is in turn responsible for the calculated steps they take to reach their goals. We have an amazing generation coming up in few years – who know HOW and WHY they want WHAT they want.

I am glad while many of us do not use technology to its fullest potential to better our lives, our nieces, nephews and kids are learning to shape their world with the help of these digital tools.

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