Just a Little Salt

I was once a slightly short-tempered (the art of moderation used here!) little girl. I would fail to understand the miracle of having profoundly intelligent and yet mischievous friends around me.

However, things changed when I met a new friend of mine at a coffee shop – a sixty year old man, really well-dressed and well-mannered, pulled out the chair for his wife. His wife must be 55, I guess (although she looked like 45!). He went ahead, placed the order at the counter and returned.

I was as usual waiting for my friend, cooling my cup of hot caffeine…trying to focus on the book while invariably staring at the gracious couple.

Mr Damle came back and sat besides his lady, looking at her with an amazement.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Don’t you see me at home?”, she questioned his glance, blushing at the same time

He replied, mischievously. “I do not get enough time at home, Madame. Don’t you hear your grand-daughters chirp around me the whole day?”

She stroked him, showing fake anger, “Oh, don’t you dare blame it on my grand-daughters. You never have time for me either”

He silently smiled back at her. A simple smile with a thousand expressions hidden.

She, now a little angry, stroked his hand harder with her fist, full of green bangles embellished with gold work.

“Yes, now you won’t say anything. Now you want to keep quiet and then if I say something, you will get upset.”

“But I haven’t said a word for the last few moments. I am just staring at the way you have plunged that rose into your thick braid. It looks tinier than it looked between those leaves.”, he laughed

“Yes, yes. Laugh as much as you want to. I ain’t saying a word after this. Do not come to talk to me after this. I am going to have my coffee and leave as soon as I finish it. Tanu-Venu must be waiting for me.”

“Oh sure, sure !”

The waiter came over. Served coffee. Some sugar cubes with it. She wanted to ask him for some more sugar cubes. However, she hesitated to shout aloud as the waiter hushed to cater to another order.

“Excuse me, waiter. Can the lady have few more cubes of diabetes?”, he joked

“Oh sure, and get your Sir few salt cubes? You should keep some of those for customers like him” She gave him an equally witty reply. He laughed aloud looking straight in her eyes.

“The little salt that I need in my life is right here… waiting for some sugar cubes”, he softly said to her. She blushed.

The waiter went in to get them more sugar cubes. They were regular customers, I have come to know by now

They had their coffee. Pulled up the grocery bags filled with green leafy spinach and few Oreo biscuits. I guess Tanu and Venu like Oreo. While they were walking away, he asked,

“Oh how much I missed arguing with you while I was away.”

All I know from that moment is we all have those cubes of sugar, but it is this little amount of salt that does the magic! Love is all salt and sugar.

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