Growing up – On my birthday

Much to my dismay, I am about to make it to the 25th year of my mundane life.

Who likes growing old, do you?

But still we have to blow out the increasing number of the candles every year, right?

I would still love to go back to those school days, pack my satchel and walk down to my school van.

I would love to go back to the college where I would spend my time in the library and the research laboratory again (and not break the glassware this time)

And lastly, I would want to go back and correct all the things that I did wrong.

Well, too late to think about all of that now. However, I am glad I made mistakes… in assignments, exams, projects, and people. I am glad I am learning with every new experience how to better myself.

No, I am not glad for anything that has gone wrong, but I am glad that everything that I did the next had been far more easier

The only thing I am sad about is I always forget to wish my parents on my birthday – oh, actually their birthday. The reason I call this their birthday is because as every mother says, “It is because of my child that I have a new birth – the birth of a mom”. And our dads do not say because they are trained to be the rocks of our lives (lesser the display of emotions, stronger the rock), but we all know how much they care for us.

In a way, our birth does give them a new life. They not only re-arrange their entire HOUSE for us but also make us their home (rather WORLD I must say)

Their world revolves around us. As we get busy taking our first steps, they are busy learning the new rule-book of being a parent – learning, laughing, crying, getting frustrated, panicking, getting exhausted and again beginning a new day with the same enthusiasm as on day one.

The three individuals together take their first steps in this journey – unaware of how it will unfold. A bit scared and more confused with the child-raising instruction sets handed over by the young and the old, our parents continue to learn how to make our lives better with every little thing we learn. They make mistakes while dealing with us and our situations and so do we. The difference in our ages does not change the fact that they have embarked on this journey at the same time as we have. Being a child should not give us the privilege of getting away with our quirks if we cannot let go of our parents’ efforts (that have gone wrong). They are genuine. Them being a parent is as old as our age on the recent form we filled.

Realized this few years ago, and now I understand why my mother wants me to wish her on my birthday!!!

Sharing this as I walk into another phase of my life – as I say the wheel should keep moving!!!

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