Beautiful !

Being an all-time chirpy customer relationship manager would sometimes take a toll on Sam’s mental peace. She would come home irked and once in a while mad at the world. In the evening, with a cup of tea and Sam would devote 15-20 minutes thinking of the future she did not know how she could get. Today was no different. She looked out the window – at the mango tree which was yielding just yet. She would compare herself to these trees, which were slaves of the weather and season to bear fruits of their own.

Today she had no thoughts in her mind. Not a single vibration that would disturb the abyss she was plunging herself into. It is a scary place to be. Yet, she would often retreat to it. The entertainer within her was chained to the hollow. Was she depressed ? May be ! Was she unhappy ? May be! Was she fed up of life ? May be !

No one really knew.

And why would someone? No body really thinks of her as a woman who took life seriously. She had projected an image of being the free-bird while the rest of world was a herd to different masters at different times. She was what people desired to be when they met her. Opinionated and yet sweet. Honest and yet tactful. Blunt and polite. All at the same time.

Her curls cover her face every time she lets the hair down. She is no different. She brings in her walls every time she lets down her guard to someone. She had a small face with four dimples spread across her cheeks and near the smile line. Every time she would run to her abyss, her beautiful deep brown eyes would shine with heavy moisture. She would be bitter, and of whom, she has yet not figured out. Her features were quite amusing. Tiny. And yet her face well-sculpted. Every emotion would prevail on each one of them.

Her smirk is even funnier. She has never been able to smirk at anyone. It is a feeling she has never felt within and hence never understood how to portray it. Her giggles, the best. Her dimples unmanageable. She hates that. She says her face is unidentifiable when she gives an honest smile. And when you see most of her pictures, you will see a reserved, stern look. And on the worst days, she has an awkward smile. As if someone asked her to smile for ransom.

She is unusually expressive – through words, expressions and actions. Sam is a friend you could die for and kill for. She is a fast paced woman with very little time for arguments that do not lead her anywhere. And that is what make her different from rest of the clan.

She has a red dot on her chin. Her friend, Milee, calls it a beauty spot. Sam finds it really odd on her dusky skin. It isn’t really prominently visible. And trust me, you, she is absolutely right. Sam has been honest and blunt with not only herself but her friends too. And probably that is why, she has only very good friends. She is least bothered to take on the pressures of the rest of the world.

Sam’s abyss is a really mystery to the universe itself. She does not fit into any mould of a lady and yet there is no woman as graceful as Sam. Sam never let anyone in to her mind. She was a mystery to some in the world, the reason for envy for few others but for some she was the apple of their eye – her parents, her sister, and her boyfriend.

Sam – who would be bidding goodbye to the universe in few months due to pancreatic cancer, was the most beautiful women any of her acquaintances ever encountered.


All That It Could Be!

It could be a thousand things,

It could be the petrichor to our senses,

It could be the rain to our ground,

It could be the sweetest fruit of our roots.

It could be the star of my eye,

It could be your heartbeat,

It could be your new play-station,

And it could be my own brand new project.

It could be the best time we could have,

It could be the best moment of our rise,

It could be your pride,

And it could be my joy.

It could be the life of my breath,

It could be the purpose of your life,

It could be the best gift you have,

It could be the completeness to me.

But, I guess, it wasn’t meant to be.

Our son could be a pilot like you, you would say.

Or if it was a daughter, she would rule the world with her smile.

It aches though, to write to you….

Of all that it could be, it could have been.

Our son or our daughter could have only been.





How She Killed Jonathon’s Son – Part 2

She had been bitter about his profession since his death. She blamed his profession for taking away her childhood sweetheart, her best friend, her lover, her husband and the father of her Sharon. Jonathon died in a car accident while he was driving to his next show in Chicago. He had been super excited about this show and one could see it in his driving. He had received the Emmy’s on the 12th of the February, blessed with a baby boy on the 13th and got his first movie offer on the Valentine’s day.

He was on top of the world! He couldn’t contain his excitement when Shelly called him up to tell him that Sharon was laughing at the first scene of Jon’s TV show – Ricky. the Gentleman. It was indeed a funny scene where Ricky was proposing his girlfriend wearing a blazer on the upper half of his body and boxers on the lower half. Shelly asked Jon to be back home and start the show later the next day. But for Jonathon, serving entertainment was the purpose of his life, his calling and his energy boost.

While humming his happiness and driving crazily fast, Jonathon did not see the petroleum carrier taking a sharp turn towards him. In an unprecedented turns and twists of the vehicles, both the drivers lost control and their lives too.

With Sharon’s growing interest in Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Lawrence, Shelly sensed the same level of excitement that Jonathon had. She would shut down the television or radio. She also threw away the small guitar that Jonathon had gifted his son on his first birthday hoping that he would play it soon enough.

Sharon was upset since then. Sharon would then pass his time by playing with the building blocks or fitting in the puzzle pictures to complete it. Sharon would often visit a toy-store nearby. He saw that the shopkeeper would give the toys to kids in exchange of some cash. Sharon saw similar paper on the dining table. He picked them up and walked to the toy-store. Mr Smith, the shopkeeper, kept the extra 5 dollars for himself and sent a happy Sharon with a tiny electonic guitar.

Shelly came home to a quiet hall. Shelly had brought Sharon’s favourite muffin for him. Shelly couldn’t find him in the bedroom either. She came back to the hall only to find the brand new blue guitar Sharon had just left on the couch. Shelly lost her cool. All the images of Jonathon and his obsession with art and music and his wild death ran through her mind. She was sweating by now, cursing her fate for Sharon having the same likes of art as his father.

“Why on the earth would he be so obsessed with it, oh God? Do you not want my child also to stay with me?”

She picked up the guitar and started banging it against the table. Sharon was walking in through the door and as he saw Shelly all teared up and broken down. He ran towards her.


Sharon’s didn’t even get a chance to scream and laid down with his bleeding head only to breathe his last.

Shelly lost everything she had, yet again !

A Date – The Conclusion!

Sanika screamed, “Oh my God! Is it the book ‘The Seat Of The Soul’? I can’t believe I am finally getting it!”

“No, no! It is not that !”, Tanay was now trying to break open his briefcase. He didn’t want to goof up due to the suitcase on his big night! After all, he was going to ask her the most important question of her life, and find an answer to his big question as well.

“You know what?! I am just going to come back in few minutes. You are allowed that time to break the briefcase until then”, Sanika chuckled and got up. She looked even prettier as she walked across the hall in her black dress. Tanay kept looking at her floating between the tables while forgetting that he was supposed to crack open the briefcase.

“May I help you, beta?”, an old man placed his hand on Tanay’s shoulder.”Let me try. Let’s see if the old hands still have some magic left in them”, he grinned while examining the briefcase.

“Nervous, huh?!”, the old man asked, now playing around with the numeric lock on the briefcase

“No, uncle! It is not what you think.”, Tanay inadvertently blushed

“Oh come on! I am not a fool.”, he winked at Tanay.

Tanay smiled back awkwardly.


Click! Click! Tanay’s suitcase opened up.

“My young friend. You are so nervous that pyou forgot to fix the left numeric lock “, the old man laughed. “Anyway, all the best!”

“Thank you, uncle”. Tanay was now all set to ask the BIG QUESTION

Sanika was back. She pulled out the chair and plucked a green apple flavored gummy bear. “The briefcase opened?! So where is that THING you were so eager to give me?”

“Yes….. yes, it is”, Tanay fumbled


“So I was thinking it has been three years since you have started investing in my start-up, one year since we started the NGO. So would you like to …”

” I am definitely not investing in that crappy bike race thing, come what may. I am not going to be a part of it.”

“No.No. Umm…. okay.Here’s the deal. Would you like to invest in me?”

“What are we talking about here?”

“I mean…. would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Okay … one sec. When you said a date, I thought you were joking. I… mean…”, Sanika’s pace grew slower

Tanay’s heart beat faster. He was unable to even mumble. Sanika swallowed the gummy bear with half glass of water.

Awkward Silence.

Tanay was ready for the worst. Sanika fidgeted with the glass holder now.

After a long pause, Sanika broke the silence.”Are you serious?”

Tanay,”Of course! I am”

“But isn’t this too early? I mean this is our first date apparently”, she tried to lighten the mood, making sure he isn’t stressed.

“I don’t want to delay it any more”, Tanay hurried his response.

“You are going to end up with a cloud”

“A cloud I would love to float with.”

“I am a mess”

“And I love to clean, don’t I?”

“You are sane and I am insane”

“Isn’t that perfect?”

“I don’t know”

“And would you like to know?”

Sanika stayed silent for a few moments, plucked another gummy bear and smiled!








A Date!

Slightly quirky ambience.

A basket of gummy bears on each table with two wine glasses placed on the holder.

Tanay had invited Sanika to one of the most unpredictable places for their first date. But for her, it was perfect.

Sanika and Tanay had been best friends for about four years now. Non-judgemental rebels who reveled in each others company soon started working together for child mental healthcare. Sanika, a born writer, a chemical engineering graduate and a hidden actor, was in bliss to find the perfect partner! Tanay, a soft-spoken but strong character in his field of financial investments, was fascinated by Sanika’s passion for psychological well-being of children. At the core, both valued the gift of childhood since they were scarred in theirs!

“So, what do we order first, wine?”, Tanay spoke softly, just like he always did.

“Gummy bears are about to get over”, complained the childish side of Sanika

Tanay loved how vulnerable as a human being Sanika was! This vulnerability to emotions is what captivated Tanay’s attention at the Volunteer’s Meet at the NGO.

Watching Tanay manage the finances of a group of a hundred people distributed all over the city with a peaceful mind and with an ease she could never do the same for a single individual intrigued her.

Sanika was looking for the waiter to get some more gummy bears to dip in the coke she would soon order. She felt Tanay fidgeting with his briefcase.

Sanika was puzzled, “Did the lock break again?”

“No, I brought something for you. This thing has just got stuck”

Watching You!!

I adore and abhore nothing more than the social media accounts. Keep no doubts in me not being a celebrity or an accomplished magnate of some kind, I am still pissed off with the interventions made by people into my life through my Facebook or Instagram accounts and similar situations faced by you, my fellows.

Apparently, people who know you pretty well and not related to you by blood in anyway choose to take a complete control over your life by investigating into your personal space as if they are entitled and obliged to do so. It is an irony that with the connectivity on virtual platforms, the same people who you meet in person do feel the need to stalk your crush, family and probably check your history ( or geography) over the past years you lived or wasted.

While Abhishek-Aishwarya, Katrina and Kareena keep bickering about the nuisance media causes, trust me all, every moment you are happily enjoying single or married life, people are watching you. This could be your aunt you met 2 days back or a friend of yours who you just told you like someone – they all want a backlog of where it started, how it started and who the hell your crush is. Well, coming to the display fronts, they are apparently within the limits but you can find your gut screaming they are already way beyong OFF THE LIMITS!!

So I was just visiting my friend the other day and she had told some of her friends at work that she was in love with some guy. All immediately got to work wanting to investigate the whereabouts of this guy (It is a social media pact you sign, you know, just in case you do noy belong to the clan, you should know!). A friend who had not been following her INSTAGRAM account for more than a year started following her and with all the sweat and blood managed to find out who the man of my friend’s dreams is. Had my friend not concealed her Facebook friends-list, her friend wouldn’t have had to follow on some other account.

But that’s the fun part, how someone’s life could become a soap opera or a tiny movie once you bombard your NEAR and DEAR ONES with a hint of your big news! Watching over you and your past, present and future is such an ultimate goal for these media-hoggers that they would go to any extent sparing their precious time and energy to stalk you and check on your where-abouts navigating through thousands and millions of posts and images stacked on to this privately public internet.

Gonna grab a coffee, but watch out if someone is watching you ??

See the fire in her!

See the fire in her…. 

When she walks out of the home,

A child holding her hand,

With the files tucked under her other arm, 

With the white forehead they see,

With the eyes prying on her body that remains uncovered by the black skirt and the white shirt,

She walks with a confidence on her face, 

Dignity in her walk, 

Strength in her talk, 

And an innocent smile on her child’s face who knows nothing. 


As she walks, see the fire in her!






The shadow of a white crystal is dark

The shadow of an ailment is cure

The shadow of a struggle is wisdom

The shadow that follows the dark is the morn

How She Killed Jonathon’s Son – Part I

Unlike many parents, Shelly knew what she was doing with her son, she understood the impact of it on her family and she dared to acknowledge it. She was choking her son to an extent that he had stopped breathing emotions. Sharon’s calling was made to pass away.

Sharon’s body was one caging a tornado. His spirit longed to revert to its calling. He was one of the few kids who had understood what they wanted to do earlier on in life. He understood his strengths at an age where he was not sure about his weaknesses. With the most beautiful eyes, Sharon kept looking at the posters of the artists he had put up in his room.

At his age of four, Shelly would be more than happy to flaunt her son’s mimicry skills.

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