Quarantined in Love!

It is very difficult to find your tribe in the individualistic world. But I have been extremely lucky in finding amazing people, building relationships and maintaining them over years while going through a transformation from being an introvert to now almost an extrovert. When the isolation process began, I was wondering what to do with […]

Here’s Why We All Argue!!!

‘We argue with the people we love!’ everyone said. And needless to say, it is true! We argue with the people we love because their opinions matter to us. However, what has always amazed me is how we all at some point of time or the other manage to turn a discussion into an argument. […]

Salsa !

I had started learning salsa dance-form two years back somewhere in June. My friend from work started giving salsa lessons to me in a green room at our workplace itself. Insanity is what we were experiencing. I was getting conscious even when no one was in the room. (Yep, that’s me!) The lessons went on […]

You know when you know! – Conclusion

“Because?”, I could not help but wonder how insane he must think I am. I cannot reason my own thoughts or opinions. Anyway, who cares. I am not seeing him again  – I thought. “Okay, you tell me.”, now I questioned him “Nothing!”, he said I hate when people do that. I am not going […]

Ashton Kutcher : The Man Beyond Glamour!

Apart from obvious reasons for following Mr Kutcher such as his tall suave physique, an undeniably smart look and gleeful eyes, I follow him on almost all social platforms for reasons that are appealing to both my mind and heart. As naive and ignorant as the Michael Kelso (That 70’s show), as beautiful and hardworking […]


It is difficult to make choices sometimes.

Sometimes because you have to sacrifice comfort, sometimes because none of the options seem to do you any good or they are all perfect, sometimes because you are selfish and sometimes because you are relentlessly selfless.

But when the fork end appears in your life you have to choose one and move ahead.

LIFE IS LIKE RIDING A BICYCLE. TO KEEP BALANCE YOU MUST KEEP MOVING – an Einstein quote my friend, Pranav Continue reading “THE CHOICE!”

Beautiful !

Being an all-time chirpy customer relationship manager would sometimes take a toll on Sam’s mental peace. She would come home irked and once in a while mad at the world. In the evening, with a cup of tea Sam would devote 15-20 minutes thinking of the future she did not know how she could get. Today was no different. She looked out the window – at the mango tree which was yielding just yet. She would compare herself to these trees, which were slaves of the weather and season to bear fruits of their own.

Today she had no thoughts in her mind. Not a single vibration that would disturb the abyss she was plunging herself into. Continue reading “Beautiful !”